Version 2 of vidbg.js Has Been Released

April 09, 2019

Today, I finished vidbg.js version 2 and merged it into the master git repo.

I first released vidbg.js, a port of Vide, almost 4 years ago. At the time, HTML5 was brand new, and jQuery dominated the JavaScript landscape.

Since then, JavaScript has completely revolutionized the way websites are built. It seems there is a new JavaScript framework popping up every day.

With all that is new to JavaScript, I thought it was about time to give vidbg.js a refresh, since the last commit, well, was the initial commit.

This new version of vidbg.js brings some significant improvements and drastic changes.

vidbg.js no longer relies on jQuery to get the job done. Instead, it is a ~100 line vanilla JavaScript file that uses the newest JavaScript has to offer. Things like let and const, the spread operator, classes, and more.

Additionally, I am now using Babel and Webpack in order to transpile this JavaScript into executable JS for older browsers like IE 11.

Hands down the best part of v2 is the mobile playback. vidbg.js now supports mobile video background playback on any browser that supports auto-playing HTML5 <video> elements.

This is a really exciting release, and was fun to refresh my first open source project.

If you want to give the new vidbg.js a try, you can download it here.