I Just Launched v1.0 of My Rental Cash Flow Calculator App

August 30, 2019

Yesterday I released my new Rental Cash Flow Calculator Web App. This was a fun project that will generate a cash flow analysis and an amortization table for rental properties to determine if they are a good purchase or not.

This site was built using GatsbyJS, and uses the gatsby-plugin-offline plugin to transform the site into a Progressive Web App for devices that support PWAs.

You can view the release on Product Hunt here, or you can view the site directly here.

Here are a few images below:

rcf 1

The main page when no data has been entered

rcf 2

The main page once data has been entered about the property

rcf 3

The amortization for the property

rcf 4

A demonstration of the Progressive Web App on iPhone

rcf 5

Banner that was used for Product Hunt